As Twitter struggles to attract new users by comparison to Facebook and Instagram, the San Francisco-based company is making a myriad of tweaks make its platform friendlier, including allowing their coveted Twitter bird to double in size from 140 characters to 280! But what does this actually mean?

The decision to allow the Twitter bird to put on a bit of weight was actually taken in late September when, arguably Twitter’s future seemed to be on much shakier ground than it is today. Of course we don’t have any real data that shows that the Twitter bird is in better shape today, it’s just a feeling thing.

If we go with the “less-is-more” rule, then surely the move to allow users to add more characters to their tweets is surely a bad one? Having said that, perhaps making this move allows Twitter users to be more fairly treated, from a PR perspective anyway, with tweets in Chinese, Japanese and Korean still limited to 140 because these languages allow much more meaning to be conveyed in one character. Some linguists and probably a philologist or two disagree, but for brands not using those languages, we’re considering it a win for the time being.

So what does this mean for all you marketing pros? Well, as an example, you’ll now be able to fully quote your fantastic key-message-filled one liner from your spokesperson without having to trade characters for meaning. Having said that, the trade off will be between more characters and better click-through to your other content. Just because you have 280 characters to use doesn’t always mean you should use them. We’d save the multi-point arguments for Facebook and keep Twitter that bit more snappy.

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