Live streaming on Facebook is becoming more and more popular among consumers. Brands are starting to use it to engage with their fans in a different way too – who can blame them; 100 million Facebook users watch videos through desktop or mobile each day!

For consumers Facebook Live can be a great way of getting an inside look at the brand and engaging them on a personal level. For example; a brand may choose to do a Q&A with fans, release a new product or host interviews with a brand ambassador. Whatever you choose to do; make sure you consider these dos and don’ts before you hit “Go Live”!

Do: Promote!
If you go Facebook Live and noone saw it, were you even live at all? Make sure it’s in your communications plan to your fans that you’re going Facebook Live and when (not forgetting to account for your fans in different time zones). It’s sometimes effective to tease the audience with more details; perhaps post a behind-the-scenes picture. You might even want to boost the going-live announcement to make more of your fans aware.
It’s important not to forget about the fans who aren’t on Facebook either. If you’re doing multi-platform outreach then include it in your email marketing and invite other social media follows and website visitors. Be sure to provide them with a link to your Facebook page; they don’t have to be a member of Facebook to watch and who knows, you might gain some more followers too!

Don’t Forget to Test Lighting & Audio
3-2-1 and you’re live. But there’s no sound! Can you imagine how awkward that would be with potentially thousands of people watching your lips move…
Even though Facebook likes to promote its spur-of-the-moment video, it doesn’t mean you should leave it all till the last minute. Think about what you’re going to say and where you’re going to say it.
Top tip: set your phone to “Do not disturb” mode while you’re live so you won’t receive any unwanted  notifications or vibrations during your broadcast.

Do: Be Friendly, Smile and turn up the energy
It simply is the oldest trick in the book; a smile will quickly help your audience to engage with you and become comfortable with you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s you or a company spokesperson a good smile and an authentic amount of energy will work wonders, and your audience will reciprocate too. It’s important to remember that you’re providing a behind-the-scenes look at your brand too; a rare opportunity for you to let your audience see a more lighthearted, human side of your brand – so take advantage of it and let your personality shine!

Don’t let the stream end without more engagement
Just because you’ve clicked ‘End’ on your device doesn’t mean your engagement has to stop. Your audience will have posted questions during your stream that maybe you didn’t get round to answering or acknowledging – now’s the time to do that. It’s always a great idea to post a photo afterwards thanking people to tuning into your live stream and reiterating your main call-to-action – it may be a good idea to pin that post for a while too so it will always appear at the top of your page.
Top tip: you can always re-share your Facebook Live stream later on too to remind your audience and engage with your new Fans.

Do: Analyse your results
Facebook Live provides great video metrics so you can easily evaluate the demographics of the audience, the average amount of time viewers tuned in for and so on. It’s worth a look at these to see if they can help you see what went well and what to change when you do it again next time. Don’t forget that Facebook Live is free, so there’s always more time to engage with your fans in the future.

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