Event Coverage

Connecting people; before, during and after your events


We’ll help you make sure your event is properly branded to sell the products, services or messages you need.


We properly support and brief our event photographers to achieve great pictures from your event that you can look back on and smile


Whether it’s a corporate introduction video or someone to capture the moments as they unfold, our corporate video service will be great at bringing those moments to life on the screen!



Whether you want to stream your event live online or simply run a live tweet wall, we can help you make sure social is more help than a hindrance!

Our event coverage service can be easily scaled up or down depending on what you need. We can provide anything from an event photographer to capture the day right the way through to a full professional live stream online and social media coverage.

If you need a corporate video┬áto help your message, then our team can help make this work for you. Or if you’re looking to make your event look fantastic then we’ll produce some great large format printing products to help make your vision come to life!

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